the 2010 CHRISTmas card & letter

2010 CHRISTmas card - for 4x8 copy

Every Terrell in Plover liked Christmas a lot…
And they couldn’t conceive of those who did not.
They were excited about Christmas! The whole Christmas season!
God coming to us? Why, what a great reason!

We thought for the 2010 year in review
That channeling dear Dr. Seuss just might do
So with sincere apologies to ol’ Theodore
We’ll recap the Terrell adventures and more.

First… Tapestry church, the plant from 2008
Was growing and serving and doing just great!
We saw many friends come to faith this past year
And be baptized in 40 degrees without fear.
The ages have branched from just 20-somethings
To babies and seniors and boomers with gumption.
In August we trekked to Nicaragua, you see
with our Tapestry crew and entire family.
Children were fed and Jesus was shared
All of our lives were changed too–no one was spared.

As for Robert, he’s still quite a running fool,
Regardless the weather: rain, snow, or just cool.
5Ks and five miles were the general style,
But also two half-marathons–13.1 miles!
ther hobbies were curling, fishing, and hunting of ducks

But alas with the gun, he had not much luck
It could be his head wasn’t screwed on just right.
It could be, perhaps, that I prayed with my might.
(To see cute little ducks blasted forth from the sky?
I’m not gonna eat them–it would just make me cry!)

I also took up the running lifestyle this year
And finished 2 5Ks and a 5 mile run with a sneer.
I pretty much hate running and the whole running season
But I like that it allows me to eat food that is pleasin’
In February I went to Nicaragua with OpSmile
And did speech therapy with kidlets in Español style.
May found me in Brazil, 15 students in tow
To see cleft palates and observe surgery, you know.

As for Adam, he is now a 16 year old punk
Busy with a girlfriend, band, school, and other such junk.
Still playing electric bass and moving onto percussion
Head-banging so hard, good thing no concussion!
Video-taping, editing, and curling have been his thing
With college tours beginning for him in the spring
Our prayer lives have improved as he drives in the snow
And we’re learning hard lessons of how to let go.

Noah has recently just turned fourteen
And surpassed me in height–that boy’s tall and lean.
A videogame controller is oft found in his hand
and he’s constantly asking about dinner plans.
He eats like a horse and he smells like a boy
And he cracks goofy jokes that bring us such joy.
His height comes in handy on the basketball court
As he dribbles and shoots with the junior high sort.

As we think back on you, dear family and friends
We’re left with sweet thoughts as the year draws to an end.
We hope that you, like the Grinch, get the real Christmas reason
Not the gifts or the trees or the family time at this season.
Born in a small stable as E-mman-u-el
“God with us” came to hang out and with us to dwell.
Jesus changed all of time and history too
Because He loves me and because He loves you.

So as you sit down for your big Christmas feast,
Regardless of who carves your fancy roast-beast;
We wish all of you the hap-happiest Christmas
And pray that you have a New Year that is blessed!

The Poem/Newsletter is by my amazing wife, pamela.

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