day #1–question #1

why am i willing to sacrifice so much (quality, taste, money, etc) for convenience?

we do not use microwave popcorn in the terrell home. the reason for this is because as the maker of the pop corn i believe the 3 extra minutes it takes to make popcorn in my whirley-pop is time very well spent. doubt me?  you should try more popcorn. really it is fantastic. i’m not opposed to microwave popcorn. it has its place. i am, however, opposed to the indiscriminate use of microwave popcorn just because it is easier.

i give up so much for convenience. i love a good cheeseburger. mcdonald’s and burger king do not make good cheeseburgers. they do, however, make cheeseburger very fast and always the same. i can usually get in and out of their restaurants quickly. these places are great for when i am traveling. i can count on them to be the same in wisconsin or alabama. they have their place. they are convenient.

i know that quality usually takes time. of course, i still often settle for inferior things and personally do inferior work because it is easy. why do i do this? i’m not real sure that i want to know the answer to this question.

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