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i just finished talking with one of the barista’s at emy j’s (for those of you not from point emy j’s is the coffee shop that i use as an office much of the time). the barista told me that there was an attempted armed robbery last night at emy j’s. a guy came into around 8:45 pm (15 minutes before closing), ordered some ice cream, paid for the ice cream, then pulled out a knife while the register drawer was open and said “i’m sorry but i am going to need all the money in the drawer.” there were two female baristas at j’s at the time and the one who took the order said “i can’t do that” and quickly closed the register back up. the guy then went down to a bp convenience store and tried to rob it. i don’t know if he was successful there or not.

i have mad respect for this barista at the same moment that i would chew her butt out if she was my child. of course, i also have a huge smile across my face as i am typing this because the guy not only didn’t get any money but actually paid for his ice cream.

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  1. What a brave barista! She must have had some fierce attitude that caused the robber to back down. Dangerous action she took, but ya gotta love the moxie!

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