day #11–question #11

have i thought of anything new recently? have i done anything new recently?

novelty for the sake of novelty is not necessarily always a bad thing.

some organizations and mediums require change all the time. some require that you are doing something new because otherwise you are “dying.” it is a part of their nature. TV, films, fashion, and automobiles are like this. you might not make a big change in a car model every year but you better make some change from year to year. i understand needing to do this for marketing. after all, these companies have to some how convince us that the two year old ipod we have is obsolete and we need a new one.

actually, i’m not a big fan of this type of change. i don’t really think that i should live with a constant need for “newness.”

still i am a big fan of trying something new just to push yourself. this type of change helps me to grow. if i don try new things every now and then i become stagnant and that is not something i want to be. so what have i recently tried that is new to me?

since i find myself having to take a little time to discover answers to this question it probably means that i need to do something new. so what should i try?

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  1. I am a proponent of change for changes sake. I have heard and agree with this thought: All things different aren’t better, but all things better were once different.

    You never know if something could be better until you change it. It may not be better but now you know.

  2. dad – i often agree that change for change’s sake can be good but it can also be terrible and your statement quote but you could change that around that all things different aren’t better but **some** things changed were once better. 🙂

    in my opinion innovation but change for change’s sake are different things. we should always look to innovate and improve. but change is not always about innovation. sometimes it is just stupid.

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