catching up on questions

i was at the mwbc executive board meeting this weekend (i have no idea why i would be asked to be on our bi-state convention’s executive board but i was asked two years in a row so i finally agreed) and therefore i was little too busy to blog my questions on time. therefore, i am doing it right now

friday – day #16 – question #16

why is it that i love watching other people play football BUT i am very thankful that neither of my boys play high school football?

i feel pretty hypocritical watching other people’s kids play football while being very pleased that my own kids aren’t taking those hits nor therefore having the possibility of taking college football hits. i played football and i loved playing it. still i am glad my kids play other sports with less contact. the whole experience makes me feel as if i am watching gladiatorial games, enjoying someone else take punishment that i would never wish on those i love. i am, of course, still going to keep watching football.


saturday – day #17 – question #17

why do i want a tablet so badly?

i don’t know why but i really want a tablet. i check out android tablets all the time. it is not like i really need one. i use my netbook all the time. i also have access to pam’s ipad whenever i need it. pam’s ipad does have a pink cover and i am not a big fan of that but all i have to do is remove the cover when i need to use the ipad and everything is fine. so i have access to a tablet when i need it and i am typically better served by my netbook for most of the things i need to do, yet i still really want a tablet. why? i’m not sure i honestly want to know the answer to this question. i do know that this is one of the times that i am thankful for the genetic cheap gene i inherited from my dad because it keeps me from buying one. thanks dad.


sunday – day #18 – question #18

why don’t i just shut up when i feel like a sermon isn’t connecting rather than just trying to talk things out?

when i can tell that the message i am preaching isn’t connecting i try to word things in different ways during the message in hopes that it will begin to connect. to be honest i feel like this usually works. every now and then, tough, a message just doesn’t connect no matter what i do. i don’t feel like many of my messages fit into this category. i am not the best preacher in the world but neither am i the worst. thanks to the amazing threads of tapestry someone usually speaks up if something really isn’t connecting and they help me to reword things in such a manner that the message begins to connect with everyone. still there are times when a message goes completely awry and there is nothing i can do to correct it. those times kill me. i wonder what would happen if one time when i was sure the message was simply not connecting at all i simply stopped preaching? we could prayer, sing, or simply stop. i am curious how this would go.


monday – day #19 – question #19

why don’t i bathe the basset hounds once a week?

i bathed the basset hounds this afternoon. i always love the way they feel after they have had a bath. their fur is so soft. it is even more enjoyable than usual to pet them when they have been bathed recently. i usually bathe them around every 6 weeks. i really should bath them more often.

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