day #23–question #23

average joes

what ever happened to this shirt?

i “acquired” this shirt from eric landry years ago. eric bought it from a kid in nicaragua. it is an “average joe’s gym” shirt from the movie “dodgeball: a true underdog story.” it is awesome and therefore i stole it from eric. it is the kind of thing i do. after stealing the shirt from eric i started wearing it to various places, take photos of myself in the shirt, and then sending them to eric. here’s an example, and another, and another. mocking can be fun for everyone. i’m sure eric enjoyed it. i know i did. 🙂

anyhow, all the mocking changed in january of this year when eric stole the shirt back, i then stole it back again from him, and then it disappeared. it just vanished. i’ve been waiting for it to reappear with eric but that hasn’t happened yet. i’m flummoxed. where could it be? i really miss that shirt and sending photos to eric.

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