not watching … why?

if you are connected with me on facebook you may have seen the above video already. it is from the tapestry super bowl gathering at our home last night. the gathering was a great deal of fun. in fact, it always is a great deal of fun. this is the 4th year that we have had a super bowl gathering at our house.

the thing i found interesting last night is how few people actually watched the game. seriously there were probably only 8-10 people who really cared about the game. even those 8-10 were still mainly talking with the people around them. i have two theories on why this was so:

  1. the threads of tapestry have moved to a point where we enjoy being together more than anything else. therefore the game was just another excuse for us to hang out versus something that we passionately cared about. i like this theory a lot and i believe there is a great deal of truth to it. we do love being together and inviting new people to be with us. i think you see it in everything we do.
  2. nobody cared about these two teams because most of the way through the year we were convince that the packers would be in the super bowl. i think there is a great deal of truth to this theory too. the packers dominated most of the year and then collapsed in the playoffs. it seemed inevitable that they would be in the super bowl again. sadly it wasn’t inevitable.  last year’s super bowl gathering was the most fun i have ever had watching an nfl game. we still talked a ton last year but most everyone also had an eye on the game while talking.

anyhow it was a blast last night.