the “over 40” league


thanks to one of pam’s co-workers i am now a part of the stevens point “over 40” basketball league. i’m doing this for a few different reasons.

  • its another way to exercise and that is good.
  • i really like playing basketball, which is odd since i played football for most of the time i was growing up.
  • i need/want to meet new people in the community, which is why i hang out at emy j’s so much, walk my dogs at the dog park, and curl. this is another opportunity to meet people outside of tapestry.

the last reason is why i am playing in the stevens point “over 40” league instead of playing in the church “pick up” games that i have been often asked to join. it is awfully nice of the people at these churches to invite me to play basketball with them but i would rather be outside of the church trying to live out and share the good news of JESUS rather than trying to share it inside the church.  obviously, i have nothing against “pick up” games among CHRISTians. i think the time together is most likely wonderful. my issue is that it seems that far too often the church stays within the church subculture.

another example of this is a conversation i recently had with a ministerial friend. he told me about a web service called that the church he is a part of has started using. he said they were using it because it enables them to do things “just like facebook.” i didn’t understand this. why would i need a religious social network that would work “just like facebook”? why not just use facebook? why separate and ghetto ourselves off? why have a church social network when we can do church out in the public for all to see?

it seems far too common in the church for believers to hole ourselves off in protective shells and then ask those who don’t believe in our MESSIAH to come and join us in our safe areas rather than going out into our communities and living out our faith in JESUS as the PRINCE OF PEACE for all the see. so that is part of why i am playing in the city “over 40” league where every now and then i hear someone shout an obscenity when they miss a shot, rather than just mumbling it under their breath while playing in a church gym. 🙂

DSC_0031-2SIDE NOTE – i bought 3 signs at the weekly uwsp surplus sale for $1 each. i’m painting tapestry on them for church use (like temporary-use median signs on the road). with the $3 cost of the paint pen that i bought to letter the sign this means that i will have spent $6 total for three signs. booyah.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – i think that pam likes me playing in the “over 40” league just because she enjoys me hobbling around after each game. my pain is her entertainment.