prep for easter / holy week


for holy week i have three goals for tapestry.

  1. that we spend a good bit of time in prayer
  2. that we spend a good bit of time in serving
  3. that we spend a good bit of time in scripture

for prayer we did this by putting on a labyrinth for the community. this is hard to explain completely, it is a period of guided prayer that uses a very large marked canvas mat, some experiential stations, a british lady with a wonderful accent to help people pray for 30 minutes to 2 hours. for serving we did this by providing and serving the weekly meal for the place of peace which led to some wonderful conversations and seeing JESUS in some of HIS most distressing disguises (a teresa of calcutta saying). finally we did this for scripture by reading through the gospel according to matthew during lent and then reading through the 14th and 15h chapters of the gospel according to mark during our annual tenebrae.

adam h was nice enough to take some photos. i decided to make an animoto video of them. i’m looking forward to easter.

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