CHRISTmas and easter


i have to confess that i have never really understood it when i have heard ministers complain about people who only come to church on CHRISTmas and easter. thankfully i haven’t heard many ministers complain about this phenomenon but i have unfortunately heard a very few. i am honored no matter when someone comes to tapestry to declare the worth of GOD. it doesn’t matter how often. some people come more often than others. others can’t come as often. that is just part of life.

the irony for me personally is that while CHRISTmas and easter are usually large attendance days for most other churches, they are typically days where tapestry has lower attendance. this is because of the average age of the people who are a part of tapestry. we are a young church and this means that the majority of “threads” are usually at the age where they need to go visit their parents’ home for major holidays.  we usually have more people at our worship gatherings that build up to the CHRISTmas and easter than we do for the actual holidays. the thing i love is that we care more about making sure we live out the meaning and purpose of CHRISTmas and easter than we do about having a lot of people at those days’ worship gatherings.  church attendance isn’t what matters to us.

my hope and prayer for you is that you live out easter in your life. the truth behind resurrection day should effect how we live all our days. if you need a church to help you remember this i can gladly recommend tapestry. 🙂

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