q day 2

basic thoughts from day 2

  • “youtube theologian” was my favorite term of the day. it was used in connection with the “i hate religion but love JESUS” video that was so popular in the past year.
  • good theology hits every part of life. miroslav volf talked today about the fear of GOD and its connections with how to live the good life. it was great. made all the more impact sense i am presently reading his work “embrace and exclusion”. good stuff.
  • the church has to get more involved in immigration reform. how we treat the “stranger inn our land” is of huge importance in scripture. if we are followers of CHRIST our attitude and approach to this issue should be determined by scripture.
  • the moral case for free interprise by arthur brooks was very interesting if for no other reason than his statement that “the moral argument will always overwehlm the material argument.”
  • i need to read some abraham kuyper. how have i missed this 19th century theologian.
  • there sure are a great number of “beautiful people” who come to and present at Q. makes me feel out of place.
  • three things i have already come away with are 1) i need to start work on a sabbath retreat for tapestry similar to what i did with youth at parkview in baton rouge, 2) i’m interested in getting together with a group of threads to read the new testament over 8 weeks, and 3) i need to start praying for all the other churches in point more purposefully. i think i am going to pick a different church each week and encourage tapestry to join me in praying for them.

i guess that is it for now.

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