q day 1

so today was the 1st day of QDC. as usual it was fantastic. the presentations are always challenging and amazing. here are a few thoughts from today.

  • i have a love/hate relationship with the presentations. i love the ideas and hearing what others have done. i am always challenged to think differently and try new thinks. i hate the fact that hearing the presentations almost always leaves me wondering why i haven’t done anything in my life.  that’s not the presenter’s fault. it is just that these people areamazing. it is hard to measure up when you hear a 28 year old who has a phd, developed an entrepreneurial plan in africa, preaches better than me, and runs a 2:45 marathon.
  • GOD always provides opportunities but for some reason they are very easy to find at this conference. every year i end up meeting someone who does something that i am sure fits withwho we are in tapestry. it happened again last night. i ate supper with a couple who are involved in respite care in their church. has me wondering about us doing something.
  • it is alway a good thing when people start quoting c.s. lewis. there were 4 quotes today.
  • GOD is doing some really cool things through HIS people. lots of stories of interesting things being done in and through the kingdom of GOD?

i’ll write specifics when i get back. i don’t really have the time or desire right now. i’m also writing this on my nook color which is a pain.

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