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point map handout

tonight at tapestry i talked from mark 8:1-10 concerning JESUS feeding 4,000 men (plus who knows how many women and children). the major focus of the message was that JESUS wants to do HIS work through those who claim to be HIS followers. it is called incarnational ministry (i.e. GOD working through HIS people to do HIS work). as a part of the message i passed out maps of point with the request that everyone there mark down every act of service they do this week because of CHRIST. this next sunday we will have a large map of point in the room for threads to mark down their acts of service on for us to see everything that has happened this week because of JESUS in our lives.

if you weren’t at tapestry tonight please consider printing out the map above and joining us in purposefully doing as many acts of service as possible this week. please mark your acts of service down on the map and come next sunday prepared to put them on the big map. it should be cool to see what happens.

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