the cyst has been removed

on the way to the vet

after almost 1 1/2 years of pam and the boys saying over and over that we should remove the cyst on montana’s back i finally gave it and had it removed today. don’t worry folks i take good care of my dogs. it is just that the cyst is just an encapsulated oil gland that was causing no harm to her. it isn’t pretty and people who saw the cyst for the first time usually thought that it was some sort of cancerous tumor but it really wasn’t harmful to her so i felt no real need for us to put her through surgery to remove it. after all it is merely a cosmetic issue.

so i let it sit on her back for a long time. it got a little worse every day. it began to reach a point where our vet said it really needed to go. so i gave in and montana had surgery today. turns out it had become infected so it was really time for it to go. she pulled through fine and is back to her gorgeous self only with a really tough looking scar now.

here are before and after photos. montana will have the staples in her incision for 21 days. then everything should be back to normal.

basset girl before surgery basset girl after surgery

of course, pamela wanted to see the cyst so i asked the vet if he could save it for her. she’ll be thrilled when she gets home. i, on the other hand, want to throw up.

the cyst

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