yac’s clues to spotting JESUS

meeting yaconelli at a national youth workers convention

sunday night during the message i used a list that mike yaconelli wrote in his wonderful study “the disciple experiment” concerning “clues” to knowing how JESUS would respond. i was asked to posted these so here they are:

  • whatever JESUS did, HE upset people
  • when JESUS did something, it was costly
  • when JESUS did something, people’s lives were changed
  • JESUS spent a lot of time doing nothing, which is actually something
  • JESUS failed – at least it looked that way

there are lots of situations where we know pretty well how JESUS would respond, others where we don’t honestly know for sure how JESUS would respond, and finally many situations where i am sure i know how HE would respond but i’m quite possibly wrong. in my opinion, these clues are a great start of following CHRIST. the beauty of following a gracious GOD is that HE is quite forgiving when i am stupid.

yac was awesome and is still a huge influence on how i follow CHRIST and try to help others to follow CHRIST.

SIDE NOTE – here is a little bit of the wonderfulness that was yac. i so wish i had been able to know him as more than just an acquaintance. even so i really miss him.

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