The Caps Will Begin

i started this blog nine years ago and for some reason when i started it i decided not to use caps other than for the LORD’s name. i didn’t really have a reason for it. i just thought it would be fun. it has driven some people i know and love crazy (e.g. my parents) but i continued. i did the same thing on facebook and twitter. these two social networks have been causing me problems over the past year because while i have enjoyed going “cap-less” i don’t like the way my statuses look when i place links in them or tag people (which often include caps which i can’t do anything about).  i’ve been frustrated by this for about a year now.

well last night while i was talking to some thread college students at IV’s monday night large group a couple of them told me out of the blue that they found my blog interesting but didn’t read it consistently because they found it difficult to read due to the lack of caps. that is a good enough reason for me to change.

The blog will now use capital letters in normal sentence structure. The world may never be the same.

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