sunday night setup

I say this pretty consistently during Sunday nights at Tapestry but I think setup is my favorite part of Sunday nights. This isn’t taking anything away from the actual worship gatherings because they are wonderful. It is just that I love getting to have conversations with a small group of essentially the same people each week as we work together. I generally think that most of us guys talk better when we are doing something together.

The ultimate goal with Tapestry is to split and form another church who will reach new and different people. Most church people I know don’t like the word “split” but I get super excited every time I think about us splitting. I can’t wait to see people come to know Jesus in their lives by methods and expressions that I have never even thought of.

Perhaps one such method could be setup. When we reach the size to divide we could start a church that just setups up and then tears down. Imagine how great the conversations would be. We might try this out one night in Tapestry. “Come to church tonight and we will setup and tear down together.” I like the sound of that. 🙂

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