Please Collaborate With Me


I don’t usually write blog posts just to threads but this post is just for those of you who are a regular part of Tapestry. My proposal has been approved and therefore the research begins. I am doing a project to judge the effectiveness of collaborative sermon preparation. This means I need some subjects for the project. I am looking for 6 to 12 people to form two groups that will be a part of the project for 6 weeks.

Here is what I need from the people who volunteer.

  • A commitment to be at Tapestry October 14th through November 18th.
  • A commitment to participate in a weekly message prep meeting (most likely on Sunday mornings) either October 7th – 21st or October 28th – November 11th.
  • A commitment to participate in a Google Document discussion for whichever 3 week time period you collaborate.
  • A commitment to complete a questionnaire for each message you listen to whether you collaborate on that message or not. I will ask you to complete the questionnaire the night of the message and again later in the week. These will be online or paper depending upon your preference.
  • An interview at the end of the experiment.

Interested? You will be helping me out and, I believe, shaping the future of the message at Tapestry. You will also earn my undying gratitude and possibly some jambalaya, salsa, or a beanie baby.

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