Uhmmm. No!

Saw this tweet from Oprah because of Pam.

I should probably explain the Pam/Oprah relationship before I do anything else. Basically, Pam is driven crazy by Oprah. She really can’t stand most of what she experiences from the Oprahverse. This tweet that Pam just sent out kind of sums up Pam’s feelings concerning the world of Oprah.



So someone that Pam follows on twitter retweeted an Oprah post. I could tell something was up because Pam screamed “ARGH!” I’m pretty sure Pam just unfollowed the person who retweeted this just because the person retweeted an Oprah post. Like I said Pam is driven crazy by the Oprahverse.

So here’s the tweet.


I guess Jesus would fail this Oprah test because He pretty much did exactly what she just condemned. Jesus could have protected Himself from those who wished to hurt Him but instead He went like a lamb to slaughter to sacrifice Himself for the world. I like His plan better than Oprah’s.

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