Board Games

This is Agricola – One of those difficult games that I’m not a huge fan of but others seem to like. I like checkers. Checkers is a good game. Nice and simple.

Anybody using board games in their church as a way to reach into their community? Tapestry has a  large group of board gamers (I don’t know what else to call them) that I think could share the community of Christ with others. I would love to steal … sorry I meant borrow and give full credit … ideas anyone has out there. So is anybody doing something with board games like Settlers of Catan, Agricola, Pandemic, Risk, other other games?

I’m just not sure how to use board games to extend community right now. Do we just do the board games and hope friendships develop out of them that encourage faith in Christ? I’ve done that before and I believe in it. Or do we try to add some spiritual exercises to it since this could be the only spiritual community that some will get – i.e. a check in time, develop, and prayer at the beginning? Would this come across as forced? I’ve done this before with good results too. So I’m looking for ideas. Anyone?