Bag Warranty

bag frontbag problem

So I was just riding my bike to a seamstress to have my favorite backpack repaired when I had a sudden revelation that the bag probably has a warranty. I looked it up and OGIO does have a life of the product warranty on their backpacks. I really like this backpack. Pam and the boys gave it to me over 4 years ago and I kind of want to keep it. It worked fine until the zipper decided to eat it. I called around to find a seamstress that would repair it and found out it would be $15-20ish to fix it. That was worth it to me BUT warranty fixes are even better.

So I’m filling out the warranty form and it asks for a few photos. First, they want a photo of the front of the bag. That makes sense. They need to know what type of backpack it is. This is the photo above on the left. Second, they want a photo of the problem (i.e. the broken zipper). Again this made sense. The top right photo shows the problem. Finally, they offered a space for an optional photo. I choose to send them a photo of me and the backpack fondly remembering all the great adventures we have had. This photo is below. I titled it “the bag and I remember.”

I also considered sending them a cat photo sense everyone on the internet seems to love cats but since I like this backpack I prefer to think of the folks at OGIO as dog people. Perhaps I should have sent them a photo of our bassets, Montana and Roux, with the bag. Crud I wish I had thought of that before typing this post.

bag and me remembering great times


Well we’ll see how the folks at OGIO do with the warranty claim. I hope to report good customer service and a new/repaired bag.

America's Worst Charities


I believe that Pam and I are pretty charitable people. We tithed our income to our local church, support some other ministries, regularly give to Word Vision and Baptist Global Response (World Vision is our personal favorite way to give – I’ve seen their work first hand and I believe in how they do things), and support and regularly give to lots of other people/projects/oragnizations – both short term and long term. That is part of why the truth of this list upsets me. I saw this list of America’s Worst Charities via the Dead Kennedys‘ Facebook page. This list is amazing to me. I can’t believe how much is raised and how little is actually used for the the need the money is supposedly raised for.

Anyhow here’s the list of top ten worst offenders.

Rank Charity name Total raised by solicitors Paid to solicitors % spent on direct cash aid
1 Kids Wish Network $127.8 million $109.8 million 2.5%
2 Cancer Fund of America $98.0 million $80.4 million 0.9%
3 Children’s Wish Foundation International $96.8 million $63.6 million 10.8%
4 American Breast Cancer Foundation $80.8 million $59.8 million 5.3%
5 Firefighters Charitable Foundation $63.8 million $54.7 million 8.4%
6 Breast Cancer Relief Foundation $63.9 million $44.8 million 2.2%
7 International Union of Police Associations, AFL-CIO $57.2 million $41.4 million 0.5%
8 National Veterans Service Fund $70.2 million $36.9 million 7.8%
9 American Association of State Troopers $45.0 million $36.0 million 8.6%
10 Children’s Cancer Fund of America $37.5 million $29.2 million 5.3%

SIDE NOTE – every now and then people will post or email out the following image concerning charities and their CEO salaries. This list, unlike the list above, is mainly malarkey. You can find the details all over the web but snopes is the easiest source.