Ogio Pulled Through

The backpack they will send me – the Rebel. That’s right I’ll be a rebel – the backpack says so.

Earlier this week I posted about hoping OGIO would fix/replace the backpack I received from Pam and the boys for Father’s Day four years ago. They have responded and they are replacing my pack. Woohoo. I had to cut out a logo and send it to them.

Anyhow, I’m glad OGIO pulled through. Once they receive the logo thye are sending me a Ombre Tan Rebel 15 Pack. Truthfully I prefer my original backpack. The only real advantage I see to the new backpack is that it has straps to hold my skateboard. Of course, I don’t skateboard so that doesn’t really do me any good.

SIDE NOTE – the designer of the ’92 Sentra XE really wanted to make it difficult for you to change the starter. Sheesh. I am changing the starter in Fred and it is a royal pain in the butt.