A Prison Letter

It is really strange to me that in 20ish years of ministry I have never done a sermon series on Paul’s letter to the Philippians. I say it is strange because quite possibly my favorite passage of scripture in the New Testament is found in the second chapter of the letter (I say “quite possibly” because I am also a pretty big fan of Matthew 25:31-46 as well as other passages). I think Pam was just as surprised that I had never done a series on the letter.

So Tapestry will start one this week. We will go 8ish weeks. I would encourage everyone to come prepared by reading through the letter before you get to Washington. I’m a slow reader and the 4 chapters of the letter takes me about 10 minutes to read straight through. Therefore you can easily read through it in the midst of your busy week. I am sure that reading through the letter each week before Sunday will be a great thing.

See you Sunday.