Ting & Evangelism

Earlier today I had an email conversation with a friend concerning the cell phone company I swapped to about 4 months ago. The company is Ting and I really like them a lot. My experience with them has been very positive which is saying something for cell phone companies. In fact, the only cell phone experience I have that would top my experience with Ting is when my friend Devon was the manager of our local Sprint reseller. Devon was, and is, a friend and my experience with him was great. My experience with Sprint was mhem. So Ting is up there with a personal friend. If you are a friend of mine in Point there is a good chance that I have mentioned Ting to you because I enjoy talking about things, people, and companies that I believe in. It is the same reason that during conversations with new people I mention my wife (everyone should know her because she is great), or encourage people to fish the Wisconsin River (Point’s fishing is amazing), or tell people that Emy J’s has the best coffee in town, or finally if you are a journal users (or a chocolate lover) then you should go to the Paper Doll and say “hi” to Mary. I naturally like to recommend people and things that I think are great for life. Ting is just another example of this.

Anyhow my email conversation with my friend centered around what I liked about Ting and how he could start using Ting. If this had been a religious conversation this would have been called evangelism. That is all evangelism is, sharing your experience with Christ and helping someone else to figure out how to start their relationship with Jesus. So often we make it so difficult when it should simply be an enjoyable conversation about someone who has changed your life. I don’t really know how to program a phone to connect with the Ting network but I don’t have to know how to do that. The reps at Ting with help my friend with connecting a phone. All I did was talk about a service that I found helpful. You don’t have to know everything bout Christ, in fact, no one does.You just need to know some of what He has done for you and share it with those around you. Others can help with more detailed theological stuff.

I once heard evangelism described as an enjoyable conversation about the One who is most important to you (if you are a Christian). I like that definition.

Truth in blogging moment here – I do get a referral credit from Ting if my friend swaps. If you look at Ting and decide to swap I would much appreciate you using this link (https://zd66pl1ta93.ting.com/).

No Idea What I Was Thinking

I usually keep a pen and some form of paper by my side of the bed just in case I want to remember something during the evening. Late at night If I don’t write down whatever I am thinking about I will most definitely forget it by morning. Last night around 2 am I woke up after I had been thinking while sleeping. I had thought of something that I wanted to blog about. I remember thinking at the time “this will be good and something that probably hasn’t’t been discussed much.” So I looked for my pen and couldn’t’t find it. I finally decided I would grab my phone and use the WordPress app I have on it to start a draft of the post with the title to remind me of what I wanted to write about. I remember that the app wouldn’t allow me to save a post with just a title so I added a little content also. I just opened the app up so I could start to remember what I wanted to write about and image to the right is what I saw in the draft post.

image I have no idea what “dislodg[ing] during a sermon” is nor do I even think that “dissolving during  sermon” would necessarily be a good thing (I guess that depends upon how bad the sermon is). All I know is that I thought it was something really good last night. Apparently my standards of good are much lower when I am asleep. I tend to think of sometime of thunderdome experience when I read “dislodge during a sermon.” While that might be very entertaining I can’t really see that it would be helpful to the kingdom of God. I wonder if Tapestry can fit a full size thunderdome into the Washington Elementary School gym?

I’m fairly sure that whatever I was thinking about had something to do with the conversation that Pam and I had before bed which dealt with a portion of Miroslav Volf’ book Exclusion & Embrace