High Heels & Ice

I am the husband of a fashion concious woman. I say fashion concious because I consider the word “fashionista” derogatory in the sense that I picture someone who is always  buying and consuming clothes rather than someone who is developing a style. Anyhow this post isn’t about the wonders my wife does with her fashion style. Instead, I bring her up because she is a person who cares about the style of shoes she wears and whether or not they work with the outfit that she is wearing (I, on the other hand, have a couple of pairs of boots, black dress shoes, brown dress shoes, Chuck Taylor’s, and a closet full of old running shoes). It is because of her that I just noticed the shoes of the woman who just walked into Emy J’s. What did I notice about them? Not what brand (like I would even know), not what color, or what style. Nope what I noticed is that they were rather tall high heels with a decent amount of skin exposed, and it is icy and -9 degrees outside.

Woman you are crazy and in my opinion simply trying to hard. I understand, thanks to Pam, tht you want your shoes to look good with your outfit, but please go put some snow boots on and just carry your high heels until you get to where you are going. I promise there will be a place where ever you go for storing your snow boots. Pam can even point out some cute snow boots for you. That way your feet will be warm and I won’t have to worry about running into the parking lot because you just busted it and split your head open.

Remember this is Wisconsin.