Hey Mom, Guess What’s Working :)

The Terrell house now rings with the tones of my childhood because yesterday Pam brought home the clock that is jokingly (or scarily depending upon your predilections) known in my mom’s family as the “death clock”. There are now family members that would not enter the den of our home because they wouldn’t want to be in the same room with this clock. To paraphrase Michael Scott from “The Office“, my mom’s family isn’t superstitious, they’re just a little stitious.

My mom can tell the story much better than I of why it is referred to as the “death clock”. I always tend to forget. Basically the clock stopped working when one family member died, and then suddenly started working again when another family member died, and then stopped working again when another family member died. That was enough for most people in the family not to want the clock, so it came to my parents’ house and stayed there in a non-working condition until Pam and I picked it up a few months ago.  We took it to a shop and had it fixed and it will sit on our mantle after the Christmas stockings are gone.

It is pretty cool to hear the chimes in the house every quarter hour and the ringing of the bells every hour.

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