Two Of The Multitude Of Reasons That I Love Tapestry

Tonight was Tapestry’s regular Place of Peace (PoP) meal. As usual it was wonderful and now that I am home and I have eaten a little jambalaya I want to share a couple of photos that reflect some of the multitude of reasons that I love Tapestry.

First, the Glazes. I posted earlier about the fact that there have been a few guys at PoP asking each week about tuna casserole. The Glaze’s (specifically Natalie but rumor has it that Eric helped too) took over Project Tuna Casserole and made tuna casserole for the first time ever. They brought it tonight only to find out that, most likely due to the cold temp and snow, the guys who had been asking for tuna casserole didn’t show up tonight. The Glazes’ response? “Well we know how to make it for next time, then.” Just so you know our next time to serve the meal is March 29th.

The next photo is of Elizabeth and her harp (actually this is her travel harp). She brought it to the PoP meal tonight to play background music during the meal. Yep there is a harpist that is a part of Tapestry and Elizabeth plays beautifully. During all the conversations, laughter, and eating that were going on during the PoP meal, Elizabeth was playing soothing  background music. I greatly appreciated Elizabeth playing during the meal. She helped make the evening wonderful.

These were just two of the many reasons that I was reminded of tonight concerning why I love the “threads“.  I am so honored to be a part of these wonderful people. Y’all are the best.

Jambalaya Paddle

You know the scene in the movie “A Christmas Story” where the kid gets his wet tongue stuck to the very cold flag pole? Well I have recently learned from a “friend” that it is also not a good idea to go inside your house and wash off your hands because you have breakfast sausage grease on them, and then walk back outside and grab your very cold stainless steel jambalaya stirring paddle while your hands are still moist. My “friend” may or may not have lost a fair amount of skin on his hands trying to remove the frozen paddle. The good news is that I should be able to remove the bandages by the evening. 😉

SIDE NOTE- Jambalaya may be tasty but it is definitely not good for you. I was reminded of this by the amount of congealed grease in the pot that I store the cooked meat while I am waiting for the next step of the jambalaya process. That grease is tasty, but gross when you see it congealed by the 5° snowy weather.

That has to be good for your arteries. Probably lubricates them. 🙂