Last Oil Change Before A Milestone

Yesterday I had the oil changed in Fred the minivan for the last time before she reaches 300,000 miles on her odometer (hopefully nowhere near the actual last time). I am super pumped about this because while Pam and I have had several vehicles that have made it over 200,000 miles we have never had a vehicle make it over 300,000. Dollar for dollar Fred the minivan is by far the best vehicle Pam and I have ever owned.

I don’t think I’ll be able to hit 400,000 miles with Fred because the Wisconsin road salt is beginning to eat away at her, but I am really pleased with all the money I have saved from her making it to 300,000.

As a pastor and chaplain I regularly listen to people having financial problems. Driving an older car is by no means the answer to everyone’s money issues, but it doesn’t hurt because repairs and maintenance on a loan free car are usually much less expensive than a monthly car payment. Fact is that we usually tire of our cars much sooner than their life-expectancy.

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