Two Traditions Converge

We are a family of traditions. Seriously we have a lot of traditions that we do throughout the year. Today was a double whammy of tradition.

Years ago Noah, the youngest boy child, wanted a muffin from Kwik Trip. His way of getting a muffin was to declare that the 24th was International Muffin Run Day, where you are supposed to go and get a muffin. Being the good parents that I am I gave in and took the boys to get a Kwik Trip muffin. So from that point onward the 24th became the day that I continued to take the boys to get a muffin somewhere. This started when Adam was in High School and Noah was in Middle school but we have continued to celebrate the 24th as Muffin Run Day If either of the boys are at home. Obviously, you already knew that the 24th is International Muffin Run Day.

Christmas Eve supper is also a tradition for us. This tradition started because we were tired of trying to prepare a big homemade meal after me getting back late from doing Christmas Eve church services. So decided to try a more convenient meal and it turned out to be something we loved. Each person eating with us picks their favorite appetizer (this includes my mom this year – Hi mom!) and those appetizers are shared by everyone for supper while we watch the modern Christmas classic Elf. We love this movie. Sadly if the sound ever went out but the video continued we could probably fill in all the dialogue.  The only thing that is different fro normal in the above picture is that usually there would be cocktail weenies, which I have a weakness for, but we were so stuffed already I decided to forego my appetizer suggestion today.

I hope you have traditions that remind you of Who Christmas is all about. I hope you have a wonderful day of remembering the birth of the Prince of Peace.

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