this is pretty stupid but i just want to say that i love the current “best buy” commercials. i think they are hilarious.

btw, if you haven’t signed up for the “JESUS project” yet you ougth to. it’s november 21-23 at judson retreat center. should be awesome.

sportscenter did a special on “fan man” tonight. he was a pretty commited freak who was opposed to what he saw as “commercial violence” in professional sports. so he strapped a motor to his back and parasailed himself into the middle of the “bowe/holyfield” heavyweight boxing championship on november 6, 1993. of course it wasn’t the “commercial violence” that he should have been worried about because when he landed all the boxing fans grabed him and began to beat him while the “pros” just sat there and laughed. after that he invaded a raiders / broncos nfl game in january 1994 to protest the economics of the nfl. for this he was arrested and charged with disturbing a sporting event. then to february he invaded a world cup soccer game protesting something about violence towards kids, finally he stripped himself down to nothing but his smile, painted himself green and right and parasailed onto the top of buckingham palace. he was arrested, declared an international terrorist, and deported from england for life.

on a whole he was a pretty odd guy. yet it’s the odd guys who quite often make life interesting.

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