i hate sanding. the main reason i hate it right now is because today i sanded one half of the cabinets in our kitchen to prepare them for being painted tomorrow. i have taken off tuesday through thursday of this week to do work around the house. i’ve been painting the ceilings and working on the kitchen to finish it. of course, in order to do the fun stuff like painting you have to first do the miserable stuff like sanding the things you are about to paint. the whole process would be so much more fun if i could just paint the whole thing and never do any prep work.

now i could pretend to have a spiritual reason or moral for this little rant against prep work. i could tell you that you usually need to put time into doing the hard stuff before the good things you want to happen will occur. or i could mentioned that sometimes we need a good scraping from GOD to get us really clean. or i could come up with some other statement to make the above rant seem like it had a real purpose but that would be untrue. the real reason i wrote the paragraph above is because I HATE SANDING!

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