as i told you yesterday i have taken some vacation time in order to finish some work around the house – specifically finishing our kitchen. thus far i have

  • painted three ceiling (more touch up than full coverage)
  • taken the kitchen cabinets apart
  • sanded the kitchen cabinets
  • primed the kitchen cabinets
  • put the first coat of paint on the kitchen cabinets (but not the doors yet)
  • cut out spots in two doors for punched tin to go into

by the time all of this ends i am going to need a vacation from my vacation.

i have discovered one thing already while doing all of this work. what i have discovered is that the part of the cabinet that will be most difficult to paint will also be the part that is most easily seen if you miss it. i have never actually noticed the baseboard of my cabinets. they have never semedn that important to me before. when i was priming the cabinets today i decided that since it is so difficult to get to the baseboards of the cabinet (they drop back 2 1/2 inches behind the actual cabinets) i would just give them just a basic no frills priming job. after i finished priming the cabinets i stopped to eat some lunch. of course, it was right in the middle of my meal while i was walking into the kitchen to get something to drink that i noticed these blaring missed spots shouting out at me “hey look at us! you did a lousy job on us!” it was the baseboard glaring at me, making me feel guilty for a poor job. so, i had to go back and prime the baseboards again. nobody will ever notice these thigns but if i had left them alone everyone would have commented on the crudy job i did on the baseboards.

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