merry CHRISTmas

merry CHRISTmas to all. i hope that your CHRISTmas morning has been wonderful. mine has been great. full of family, food, and remembrance of our LORD. for us it all started last night with pam’s parents arriving. they joined us for our church’s CHRIISTmas eve service (which was wonderful because it was full of people that i love). we then came home to the terrell family tradition of an hors d’oeuvre supper – basically this is where we make all of our favorite appetizers and eat all of them for supper. then came the CHRISTmas prep, including smoking a turkey, and then bed. this morning was full of the normal stuff – opening gifts, giving thanks, eating breakfast, cleaning up, and finally playing with the gifts. it’s been a blast. the best part was probably adam and noah with the gift of “yaconelli” – our basset hound. we won’t actually pick her up until monday so we printed pictures, wrapped them up, and then made a series of clues to lead the kids to the pictures. the boys got into the hunt. it was quite fun to watch. we are presently waiting for my parents to arrive in baton rouge for “round two” to begin.

the post-unwrapping lull has started to occur around here and thus i have started surfing the net a little. i found an interesting article on the new york times magazine’s website (via jordon cooper’s blog). the article is “2004 in ideas“. the story is a list of articles on the year’s most fascinating and revolutionary ideas. there are allot of them and i haven’t read all of them yet but i have been amazed, surprised, and bewildered by the ones that i have thus far read. i figure it is only appropriate to post an article on revolutionary ideas on the day in which we remember when the WORD (logos) came and tabernacled (dwelt) with us and changed everything forever.

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