when CHRISTians do dumb things

i hate church controversy!

i always find that it does nothing but hurts the church itself. i’m not talking about standing up for doctrine and theology. nope, i’m really okay with a fight over that. i’m talking about the type of controversy that’s about people not liking the way a certain thing is done within the church or not liking some of the personalities involved within the church. this is the controversy that i hate.

my church is going through some of this right now. the controversy is about the school board of our school. we are in the process of determining whether or not to have a school board or to move the superintendent of the school to a member of the church staff and have the school directly responsible to the church instead of a board of church members. two sides have formed – one in favor of keeping the school board and one in favor of getting rid of it. the school board itself is divided evenly on the idea. because the idea is so evenly divided things have begun to get pretty heated. things have been said that weren’t real nice on both sides.

i’m really okay with people disagreeing. in fact, i think disagreeing is probably a healthy thing when done right because it means you’re pushing the envelope. what i don’t like is people treating each other in unCHRIST like manners. the person who is disagreeing with you is hopefully a brother or sister in CHRIST. he/she is someone for whom CHRIST went to the cross. therefore, that person or group of people are of extreme value and should be treated with the utmost respect and kindness. when that is not done then i hate the responding controversy.

JESUS said that the world would know that we are HIS disciples by our “love for one another.” i figure the best example of this love is how we treat each other when we strongly disagree with each other.

youth ministry forum

the youth ministry forum has kind of crashed – i say kind of crashed because something has happened to the “index.php” file which is what displays when you go to the site. everything else works fine – you can actually still post on the forum you just can’t see the main page. i’ve got to find an older copy of the index.php file and then update it a little. this will probably be done between now and thursday. so for the inconvenience. i’m not real sure why the one file would be injured and the others seem to be okay.

NEWSFLASH – it’s back up now. i’m not really sure why it was down in the first place. yet for now it is working again. i may have to talk with ipowerweb (the company that is hosting the parkview youth ministry website. i’ve been having problems with the stats for awhile (sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t) and now this. i don’t think we were hacked. instead it looks like a few files were messed up or deleted. i’m not sure but i’m going to play a little closer attention for awhile.