set up for the view – january 12, 2005

below is the set-up for the view for wednesday, january 12, 2005. we setup for “worship in the round”. it’s been awhile since we have done this. we basically do this by setting the band in the middle of a circle of 70 to 100 chairs or so. we set up three “isles” for movement and for purposes of viewing the three screens. we use our one stationary projector and hook up two additional lcd projectors on the floor so that you can view a screen from all angles.

tonight i continued talking about the “kingdom of heaven” by focusing on matthew 13:31-33. this is JESUS parables of the mustard seed and the yeast. we talk about letting GOD invade all areas of our lives rather than just compartmentalizing HIM.

worship in the round #1

worship in the round #2

worship in the round #1

caring about the little things

in december i learned about the world of flickr, a photoblogging community. it’s fascinating to look around and see everyone’s photos and thereby see different aspects of people’s lives. one of the coolest parts of the flickr community is seeing different themes in some of the member’s lives. one example of this is what i would like to talk about now.

a flickr member named “micon” has decided to take a photo of every meal that he eats. his meals are amazing. not because of him making anything fancy (though some of his meals look incredibly gourmet) rather it is the presentation of his meal that impresses me so much. it would appear from his pictures that micon wants each meal that he fixes for himself to be a thing of beauty. one of his meals is titled “whatever is left in the freezer” which is just fish sticks, french fires, and garbonzo beans (i think). this is definitely nothing fancy yet look at the way he has it set up. it’s amazing.

this impresses me. i love the fact that this guy wants his meals to be a thing of beauty. too often when i fix something i just do it merely for sustenance rather than as an enjoyable moment of my day. when i come home for lunch i’ll fix myself a sandwich, eat it off of a paper towel, and eat some chips straight from the bag. it wouldn’t take much more effort to arrange my food on a plate in an appealing fashion. that little bit of effort would change the whole meal.

we don’t enjoy enough beauty in life because we don’t focus on it.