blue like jazz

i’m presently reading “blue like jazz” by donald miller. thus far it IS really good.

reading the book has brought one thing to the forefront of my mind and that thought that has come to the front of my mind is that i have become sick of the word “story“. i love the fact that so many have begun to focus on the importance of conveying truth through stories. i love that we have begun to recognize that JESUS was and is the master story teller and that HE conveyed real truth not through propositions but through the use of metaphor, allegories, and well … stories. i’m not feed up with the concept of stories, rather it is the word itself that i have become feed up with. it seems like presently you see it everywhere within ministry. the word “transparent” was the same awhile back. “story” is simply one of the hot words right now and therefore it just seems like people say it as much as possible.

the good thing is that the truths of telling metaphors, allegories, and “tales” as a way of conveying truth and becoming better story tellers are here to stay. that’s a good thing. i just wish the word “story” would not come out of everyone’s mouth 90% of the time.

that’s my story and i’m sticking to it. 🙂

about time

i’m a “johnny come lately”. i’m never on the cutting edge of anything. rather, i hear about things that are supposed great, i then usually ignore those great things or think up reasons why they aren’t really very good at all, and then eventually i come around to try whatever it was that everyone was saying was so good before hand. this is my usual mode of operation. sometimes i love those things that i initially ignored.

i’m sadden to admit that it has happened again. this time it occurred with a television shows that i have been hearing was great for two years. the show is “24” and i have been ignoring it for awhile. i heard wonderful comments concerning it. several people i know have brag about. i’ve heard stories about people having marathon “24” weekends in which they watched an entire season in one to three sittings.

yet i ignored the television show even though i knew it sounded like one that i would like. that’s all changed now. tuesday night i saw my first episode of 24 and was blown away by it. it was incredible. so incredible in fact that i went out today and rented the first 8 hours of the first season. i watched the first four hours of the show earlier today while i was working on the material for the “sabbath” retreat that we are doing this weekend. it was great t.v. i can’t wait to watch the next four hours tomorrow while i finalize the last minute details for the retreat. the problem is that i’ll then have to figure out how to watch the remaining 16 hours of video and still have a semi-normal life. actually if anyone has the first series on dvd and can loan me the remaining four discs you would save me about twenty bucks and i would be very much appreciative.

then i have to get the next two seasons of “24” in somehow. that’s allot of video to watch.