god’s politics

i receive updates from sojurners, an evangelical CHRISTian political website with a leftward lean to it. in some of the recent email updates sojo has been pushing the book of it’s editor-in-chief jim wallis. i haven’t read the book yet so it’s hard for me to recommend it BUT i have seen an interview with jim wallis on the daily show (go to the site and look under “celebrity interviews”). i liked what he said to jon stewart.

in the interview jim wallis states that he doesn’t think that JESUS first concern would be a capital gains tax cut. some would say that the capital gains tax cut is something that will help the economy and others would disagree with that. i of course, i have my view on the subject but i think the point jim wallis was making is great. why are so many evangelical CHRISTians confusing the republican parties’ agenda with the principals of CHRIST. as follower of JESUS we would be concerned about what and who JESUS was concerned with. JESUS was concerned with the weak (and HE realized that we all are basically weak).

why have we turned JESUS into the GOD of the rich and powerful? seems to me that we CHRISTians don’t do very good when we have power or connections with powerful people. we are believers in the MESSIAH of the marginalized. we do so much better when we are on the side of those who would get pushed out of the picture otherwise.

license to sit

here is some interesting conceptual art dealing with the growing fear of “rent wear” which is where a company reaches into your home, through the use of technology, and bills you based on the household goods you use. it’s not happening yet but it is a fear that some worry about based on where we are right now with internet usage within our homes. the artist behind “license to sit” is cyborg researcher steve mann and here’s how he describes the piece:

    the internet chair has magnetic stripe card reader and spikes that retract when a seating license is downloaded from a license server in response to input from the card reader incoroprated into the chair. the license server is in the 19 inch relay rack behind the internet chair. the license to sit last five seconds and then a buzzer goes off warning the person seated to get up. after the buzzer the spikes re-deploy.

interesting world huh?