youth ministry advertising

i don’t do this much but i figure i’ll post some advertisements for the youth ministry. here’s what is coming up within the youth ministry.

  • the feminar is coming up february 4th & 5th – this is a “girls only” lock-in. you’ll study GOD’s word and do “girlie” things that i have no idea about. you’ve got to be a girl to come to the feminar.
  • the disciplenow is coming up march 11th -13th – the disciplenow is where we separate into groups of 10 to 12 for the weekend and the go to homes to spend the weekend studying GOD’s word. each night we’ll come together for worship that will be lead by ten shekel shirt and andy neely. it will be a great weekend – it’s always a great weekend. everyone is welcome to come to the disciplenow.
  • beautiful feet mission trip is coming up march 31st – april 3rd – each year we go to the beautiful feet church of fort worth, texas and join them in their ministry to bring justice to the homeless of fort worth. you have to be in the 9th grade or above to go on this trip. i love going.

this ends our public service announcement.