important issues?

i read aboutlifeway’s survey of top ten issues facing the church first on steve mccoy’s emerging sbc leaders and i was blown away. here’s the list (developed by visitors to lifeway’s website:

    10. Abortion
    9. Homosexuality
    8. Relevance
    7. Marriage
    6. Apathy
    5. Doctrine/Worldview
    4. Evangelism
    3. Leadership
    2. Discipleship
    1. Prayer

i can’t believe that social justice issues didn’t rate at all. how absurd is it that “leadership” makes the list and “taking care of the poor” doesn’t. what is wrong with us? how can we (southern baptists) ever hope to be considered “relevant” when we don’t fight for the needs of those who have been pushed to the margins of the world? i know we do allot of good in social justice issues (providing food, bringing clothing, etc.) but when do we actual fight for justice? maybe our “prayer” and “discipleship” would improve if we were focused on praying for the things that are important to our LORD and the marginalized are important to our LORD.

the world has gone down the toliet

pam, my wife, is definitely one of the smartest, most incredible people i know but i am blown away by what i have to admit that she did tonight. this evening my wife, the mother of my children, the one who is presently working on her ph.d. in speech and hearing science at l.s.u., tonight this incredibly intelligent and attractive woman watched “dancing with the stars“. some moments simply amaze to the point of complete shock. this would be one of those moments.