the plan

klaproos.freecoolsite.comas many of you know i’ve kind of gotten into this photography thing. i’m not saying i’m any good at it (there are several people who read this blog that are significantly better than i am – alan and brad just to name two). all i’m saying is that i really enjoy taking pictures. the more i take photos the more i want to take more of them.

according to pam i have proven that the “picture taking” is not just a phase and therefore she agrees with me moving up within the world of cameras. so i want to move up to a digital slr camera. unfortunately there are two problems with this situation: first, digital slr cameras cost a bundle, and second, i’m cheap. so right now all i am doing is researching and dreaming. i’ve been looking around to figure out which camera i should never actually spend the money to buy. everything seems to be pointing toward the nikon d70. it’s a really nice camera to never actually buy.

so here’s my plan for overcoming my cheapness and raising the money to buy the nikon d70. i need one of my faithful readers to volunteer to work and give me the money he/she gets paid. i know for one of you this will be a difficult thing … but that is a sacrifice that i am willing to make. remember it’s for a worthy cause. all i need now is for one of you to volunteer.

the quest for the camera

so now i’m trying to figure out how to earn, steal, or print enough currency to purchase a nikon d70 (which looks like it will probably be my choice camera instead of the canon d20). earning a spare $1,000 is not an easy thing for me. thus my plan has been to make a “deal with the devil” per se.

about four years ago i started publishing the discipleNOW/retreat curriculum and bible studies that i write and putting them on the net (under which i have since shut down). my desire was that small churches could use this material for free and that larger churches that wish to use the material would pay a small fee that would cover the costs of the website. the site worked well. in fact, it worked too well. the whole enterprise started to take too much of my time. originally all i had wanted to do was help out some ministers in smaller churches who couldn’t afford to buy their material. i wasn’t wanting to be an entrepreneur. i was constantly having to fill orders and that was more than i had ever wanted. so about 8 months ago i became tired of the whole process and dropped it. since quitting the website i’ve still had people calling and emailing asking for any new material i had.

so i’ve kind of decided to set up another website to let people use the discipleNOW / retreat curriculum and bible studies i write for my own ministry. yet this time i’m going to use a little more modern technology to enable the whole thing. i’ve set up another blogger site in order to upload adobe acrobat versions of the material i have published. this way smaller churches can print copies of the material for free. all i have asked is that if someone from a larger church uses the material and they have it in their budget i would appreciate them “spreading a little love my way” via paypal. pam, my wife, says it will never work because youth ministers will never give money for something they can simply take for free. that might be true but i really hate the thought of going back to selling the stuff so that’s a chance i will simply choose to take.

of course, the “deal will the devil” is really placing google adsense ads on the blog. today i actually earned $0.94 through these things. now i only need 1,063 more days like that and i will have enough to buy the camera.