digital photography

klaproos.freecoolsite.commy amazing wife said the other day that she thought my interest in digital photography had reached the point that she would agree with me shelling out the money necessary for me to purchase a digital slr camera (i lean towards a nikon d70 or a canon eos d20). she says i should use the pastor appreciation love offering all the pastors in the church get each october but i don’t feel comfortable with that because i would rather than continue to go to family things. so this means that i am free to buy a camera that i don’t have the money for.

thus i need to figure out a way to raise $1,000 or just keep dreaming about a great camera. if any of you want to send a few hundred my way i would greatly appreciate it. 🙂


polaroidthe polaroid-o-nizer is cool. it takes any digital picture that you have and converts it into a polaroid-looking image. as you know everyone wants to take their high-tech digital photo and make it look like a very low-tech polaroid image. there are other ways of doing this but the polaroid-o-nizer is a web based program for doing it and it’s free (yippee).

from the above description of the polaroid-o-nizer you should be able to figure out what is important about it … it is yet another thing on the internet that previously i didn’t know or even care about but i am now no longer able to live with out. that’s the beauty of the web – it makes stupid things a necessary part of life.