the conversation at my house presently

noah has some guests over to spend the night tonight. their two brothers and their family are friends of our family. neither one of the brothers had ever had a chili dog and being as that’s one of my favorite meals in the world (high class aren’t i?) we decided to introduce the brothers to them. after eating the chili dogs the following conversation went on between pamela and the youngest brother, age 6.

youngest brother – i just pooted.
pamela – hey this is a non-pooting house. said with a grin
youngest brother – oh, well this always happens to me when i eat chips.
pamela – well, i guess we’ll have to keep you from eating more chips. won’t we? again, said with a grin
youngest brother – umm, what i meant is this always happens to me when i eat chili dogs.
pamela – but you’ve never eaten a chili dog before tonight so how could you know it always happens?
youngest brother – um, well … i just found out

the whole thing made pam and i laugh.

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