mike yaconelli memorial basic school

mike yaconelli memorial basic school

our mini-bus started to slow down, and i noticed (car-sick boy that i am, sitting in the front) that there were a group of women standing on the side of the road. they were all wearing brightly colored african skirts and headwraps, and white blouses. they cheered and danced as our bus slowed down next to them, and it was then that i noticed the government sign next to them:

Zambia Ministry of Education
Mike Yaconelli Memorial Basic School

if you are a fan or yaconelli then you have to read marko’s description of he, tic, and karla yaconelli going to dedicate the school that has been built in yac’s honor. my wife and i both fought back tears.

i was only able to meet yaconelli twice and to spend 20 or so hours under his instruction. still i miss him.

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