a new mission trip

i love trying new things – when i’m in a place that i am familiar. the problem is this week i am doing a “new to me” mission experience with some of my youth. it’s called global encounter. thus far there have been somethings that i liked about it and somethings that i haven’t liked about it. the biggest thing i have realized is that i am very comfortable with change when i am in control of it. i do not like having to “float along” in someone else’s sea and be captive to their winds and currents.

of course, this whole thought then turns in on me and i have to start considering if i am forcing teens to “float in my sea” or if i am inviting them to float with me. floating with me is cool but just being in my world that i control is awful frightening. i might have to reconsider some of my creative projects when i get back home.

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  1. okay…

    i’m back in reality…

    you were in Grove Hill at FBC.

    you know Kate Powell probably and Shawna Reid and possibly my sister, Leslie English.

    I hope you still like me anyway. 🙂

  2. yep i did know them. i would have been there for shawna and leslie’s senior year of high school if i remember correctly.

  3. man, when you get back from your trip – let’s hook up.

    I’ve got some stories for you!! ha hahahaha!!!

    Seriously, I would love to hook up with ya’ as soon as the craziness of summer is over.

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