a million pieces take a long time to put together.

the family and i had a “willy wonka” day today. first we went to see “charlie and the chocolate factory” today and then we watched the dvd of the original movie.

i sad to say that i found the remake disappointing. actually it would have been a decent movie if i had never seen the original. yet that’s the problem with remaking a classic – it’s very difficult to match it let alone top it. “charlie and the chocolate factory does neither. it’s a good and funny movie but the original was a great movie.

johnny depp is a freak as willy wonka. i understand why some people have compared his portrayal of willy wonka with a candy making michael jackson. i wish tim burton has left the original movie alone and done a sequel or something.

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  1. FINALLY someone who understands. everyone keeps saying how awesome the movie was and i agree — as long as you don’t compare it to the original. and i completely agree about johnny depp, too; i’m not really a fan of him as an actor on the whole, but for some reason in this movie, he freaked me out even more than usual. with those teeth, i kept feeling like he was going to jump out of the screen and suck my blood.

    oh yeah, and if you thought the original was good, you should try reading the books (there’s 2) by roald dahl. they’re even better.

  2. hmm, i think it was pretty good. i mean, its a different kind of movie than the first one. idk, it was weird, but i enjoyed it. and johnny depp, i agree was very weird…but i liked him too. but anyways, i think tim burton is on drugs anyways, i like him, but he is on somehting…haha

  3. i thought it was different and normally i’m annoyed when hollywood remakes movies…
    i love this movie mainly for the music scenes lol! i need to get the soundtrack!! i’m easily entertained by musicals. johnny depp was weird yeah..but actually it did follow both books, so I’ve heard.

  4. read the book and see which one is closer…the book was orginally titled “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”…but again, read the book and I think you can see why people liked it.

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