have it your way … yeah sure

every now and then i get a strong craving for burger king cheeseburgers. in high school i worked at burger king for awhile and yet still i like their food (which is unusual because typically when some works at a resturant they usually hate the food after awhile). my problem is that while i enjoy the taste of burger king charboiled burgers i despise the service you find within burger king resturants in the baton rouge area. i’m not sure why it is that burger kings stink so bad at service around baton rouge. all the other places i have lived (alabama, michigan, texas, missouri) had burger kings with exceptional service. yet that’s not true in baton rouge.

this past thursday i finally reached my limit and i had to write them. i sincerely hope that someone will read the letter and change some attitudes around burger king because every now and then i really do like their cheeseburgers.

here’s the letter i sent

burger king corporation
5505 blue lagoon drive
miami, florida 33126

to whom it may concern,

i have lived in several states within the southern and midwestern portions of the united states. in fact, i worked at a burger king in dothan, alabama when i was in high school and had a positive experience there also. i have enjoyed eating at burger king restaurants within each area that i have lived until i moved to baton rouge, louisiana six years ago. the franchises within baton rouge consistently offer miserable service. the food is usually fine but my experiences with the service personnel both within the restaurant and through the drive-through window is consistently awful.

while i have felt this way for some time i finally reached the point that i felt i had to say something based on my experience thursday, september 7, 2006. my family and i entered the burger king restaurant on o’neal lane (within baton rouge) and stood there standing for almost five minutes before seeing any cashier. there was no one visible behind the counter. we finally saw an employee walking from the rear of the building. i called out and asked if someone could take our order. the employee rolled her eyes without saying a word and walked away. at this point my wife and i both decided that we did not want to support such a business and we walked out of the restaurant. we went to another fast food restaurant further up the street and bought our meals there.

i still enjoy eating at burger king restaurants outside of the baton rouge area but the same cannot be said for those in baton rouge. i am not sure that i will ever enter another baton rouge burger king.

robert terrell

my run for the day
distance – 3.7 miles
total time – 37:43
pace – 10:12/mile

worshipping the CREATOR

the walking labyrinth
i’ve done the path of prayer labyrinth with amazing results within our youth ministry. awhile back grace (a worship community in england and the creators of the “path of prayer laburinth”) developed a new prayer experience on the CREATOR. i wrote jonny baker and asked him about the resources and he said they would be coming out soon. well they came out awhile back and we’re going to use it for our fall retreat. i haven’t used “worshipping the CREATOR” yet but i have a great deal of faith in what comes out of grace.

do any of y’all have any experience with “worshipping the CREATOR?”