it only took a month

yesterday, after a month of globetrotting around the world my lost dufflebag that delta airlines lost at the end of our mission trip to nicargua came back home. last week i had actually turned in my “loss claim” and figured delta would just be reimbursing me for the loss. of course, i was pretty upset by this fact because there were certain things in my bag that couldn’t be replaced, such as;

  • the table runner and random fabricy thingie i bought in masaya for pam
  • the baseball jerseys i purchased in nicaragua for my boys
  • my last almost complete moleshine journal – filled with decent and terrible ideas from the past year and a half.
  • the flip flops that i have spent the past 2 1/2 years wearing in (i bought these to replace the pair i had for seven years that finally broke after they were really welling good.)
  • the soccer jerseys i purchased for myself when i was in diriamba – the england national team and manchester united
  • the six pounds of coffee that i brought back for my family and friends.

the other things could be replaced but the list above would be hard to correct. thankfully my duffle bag of eight years is now back and i am presently wearing my flip flops. ahhhhhhh! life is good.

so long mate

the crocodile hunter died today. it appears he was struck in the chest by the barb of a stingray that he was diving with. this sent him into cardiac arrest and killed him. strange, huh? i would have never thought that he would have died from something like a stingray. after all the stuff he did with much more dangerous animals it’s rather ironic that he would go in this manner. it should have been something more like him being attacked by a ravenous hoard of salt water crocodiles while he was fighting off twelve rabid cobras who were going after him because of the two great white sharks that he was wrestling with ten thousand very angry poison arrow frogs waiting to tag in for the two great whites.

it just seems kind of anticlimatic for him to be killed by a stingray.