the way the world is

jonathan and i went to eat lunch with pam today at womans’ hospital in the cafeteria. you wouldn’t think it but the hospital cafeteria has really good food so i enjoy eatting there. the fact that pam gets an employee discount of 25% makes it even better. today we went through the line to get out food and pay for oud food. when the cashier rang the food up we were in for a little surprise. it seems the cashier accidentally gave pam the physicians’ discount rather than the mere employee discount. you would think that since the doctors are statistically the highest paid employees of the hospital their discount might reflect that. afterall, why not help the little guy/girl out and give the janitors a bigger discount on their lunch than you give to the medical doctors? it seems right to me.

of course, that’s not how it really works. when pam received the physicians disocunt instead of the employee discount that she should have received she received a 50% discount instead of a 25% discount. makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

my run for the day
distance – 3.0 miles
total time – 24:46
pace – 8:15/mile