JESUS project

i tried something new this year for the JESUS project (our annual fall retreat). actually we’re trying allot of new things during the retreat but what i’m talking about here is that i’m trying to work out online registration for the event. i have a basic form up on the youth ministry website now but hopefully be the end of the week it will be something more professional than that. i’ve tried a few wordpress plugins that are supposed to be able to do the trick but nothing has worked just right yet. i’ll keep on trying.

i through the view was great tonight. the band and sergio were but right on target. of course, it didn’t hurt that i got to knock antonio around during the message.

some exciting news youth ministry-wise is the planning that i got to do with several other youth ministers today. right now at least four other churches will be joining us for this year’s famine. you’ll here more about this later.

my run for the day
distance – 3.7 miles
total time – 35:31
pace – 9:35/mile