photographic journey?

a few weeks ago I met the professor of photography at southeastern at the louisiana photographic society. he mentioned that he loved to take people out on tours to see cajun/swamp areas. i wrote him to see if i could go on one and he mentioned possibly bringing a group. i was if anybody was interested? he said he could probably take some people out in november.

secondly, is anybody interested in me setting up a little skeet shooting? i have two cases of clay pigeons sitting in a closet just waiting to fly. if anyone was interested in doing it i think i could arrange a place for us and the set up the skeet throwing machine. of course, there are some people that i would rather not be around when they have a shot gun in their hands but i’ll be nice and not name them presently. just realize that if i tell you that we will be at one place shooting skeet and you go there and don’t see anyone around then you are one of those people.

finally, is anyone interested in playing some more laser tag or setting up another xbox tournament. it’s about time for us to do something just for the fun of it. i have a tendency to be too serous.

my run for the day
distance – 3.0 miles
total time – 30:44
pace – 10:14/mile

[Listening to: Bad – U2 – The Best of 1980-1990 (5:51)]

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  1. We would love the swamp scene, Jon would love the skeet & xbox/lasertag. I know Pam is pulling for laser tag–but if she loses out to xbox, it sounds like a girls night to me!!

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